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Major US Oil and Gas Producing States

State National Rank Recent Production Volume Recent Production Value Recent Production Date Active Producers
Alabama #14 46,611 BOE $41,248,367 07-01-2019 56
Arkansas #10 286,626 BOE $85,264,002 04-01-2019 221
California #8 859,827 BOE $794,359,572 08-01-2019 280
Colorado #6 1,661,280 BOE $1,255,128,389 11-01-2019 287
Kansas #12 157,968 BOE $224,010,818 07-01-2019 1,553
Michigan #15 10,164 BOE $24,411,888 08-01-2019 121
Mississippi #13 139,742 BOE $124,383,301 10-01-2019 150
Montana #15 0 BOE $0 10-31-2019 194
New Mexico #5 1,797,610 BOE $1,858,681,732 10-01-2019 430
North Dakota #4 1,815,580 BOE $3,256,685,887 11-01-2019 141
Ohio #3 2,620,940 BOE $392,177,050 06-01-2019 29
Oklahoma #16 0 BOE $0 04-01-2019 2,543
Pennsylvania #2 3,163,980 BOE $940,820,449 12-01-2019 752
Texas #1 7,879,800 BOE $9,451,427,799 09-01-2019 3,933
Utah #11 229,483 BOE $230,883,412 11-01-2019 97
West Virginia #7 964,450 BOE $276,988,058 12-01-2019 447
Wyoming #9 807,043 BOE $730,078,863 09-01-2019 394

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