MineralAnswers.com Mission

We are on a mission to modernize Oil and Gas asset management by empowering our Partners & Members with safer and more efficient transaction methods.

Meet Our Team

Jeff Chambers - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Chambers

Founder & CEO

Olivier Modica - CTO

Olivier Modica

Chief Technical Officer

Kathy Eimerbrink - VP of Revenue

Kathy Eimerbrink

VP of Revenue

Taylor Petree - Client Success

Taylor Petree

Partner Success


Jim Edsel - Director @ BEXP I

Jim Edsel


Clint Barefoot - COO

Clint Barefoot

Director Commercial Strategy

Aron England

Aron England

VP Technical Product Management
@ Expedia

Mike Galyen - CPO @ Trust Radius

Mike Galyen

Chief Product Officer (CPO)
@ Trust Radius


Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins

Sitio Royalties

Sitio Royalties