Alabama Oil & Gas Activity

Alabama statewide summary oil and gas data that goes back to 1944 and contains information on the 17,575 wells that have been drilled in the state since that time. Alabama is ranked #15 in the US based on Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE) produced in Sep 2023. You will also find information on the producers of wells as well as recent drilling permits, rigs and production data for producing wells which start in Apr 1944 and go through Nov 2022.

Alabama State Summary Stats

Alabama Oil & Gas State Income: $83,389,968,254
National Energy Production Rank: #15

Alabama Map of Current Permits and Wells

Approved Permit
Oil Well
Gas Well

Tier 1 Acreage
Tier 2 Acreage
Tier 3 Acreage
Fringe Acreage

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Alabama Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
How does Alabama rank in the nation for oil and gas production? Alabama currently ranks #15 in the nation based on barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) production.
How many wells were drilled in Alabama so far this year? Alabama has had 17,575 wells drilled this year.
How many approved permits are there in Alabama? There have been 53 permits approved in Alabama.
What is the average boe produced by well in Alabama? 0 BBLs of oil equivalent (BOE) is the average amount produced by a single well in Alabama
How many active producers are there in Alabama? There are currently 0 active producers in the state of Alabama.
What is the average depth an oil or gas well is drilled in Alabama? 13,550 feet is the average depth of a well in Alabama.

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Alabama Oil & Gas Activity Stats

Category Last Year Value Current Year Value YoY Trend YoY % Change
Total Wells 17,571 17,575 Up 0.02%
Total Producing Wells 6,426 0 Down -100%
Percentage of Wells Producing 37% 0% Down 0%
Active Producers 47 0 Down -100%
Total Permits 45 53 Up 18%
Average Well Depth 13,550 13,550 Flat 0%
Average BOE per Well 210 0 Flat 0%

Insight Scores

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Other States By Production Rank

Rank State Most Recent Month Oil Produced Gas Produced
# 1 Texas Oct 2023 132.8M BBL 559.1M MCF
# 2 New Mexico Nov 2023 55.8M BBL 262.5M MCF
# 4 North Dakota Nov 2023 36.1M BBL 101.2M MCF
# 5 Louisiana Oct 2023 2.4M BBL 320.1M MCF
# 5 Arkansas May 2023 928.6K BBL 280.7M MCF
# 6 Pennsylvania Dec 2023 BBL 275.7M MCF
# 7 Colorado Oct 2023 14.4M BBL 182.6M MCF
# 8 Ohio Dec 2018 2.1M BBL 224.6M MCF
# 9 West Virginia Dec 2018 1.2M BBL 166.1M MCF
# 10 California Apr 2023 BBL MCF
# 10 Wyoming Oct 2023 6.1M BBL 125.1M MCF
# 11 Oklahoma Jul 2023 7.9M BBL 80.4M MCF
# 12 Utah Aug 2023 5M BBL 25.1M MCF
# 13 Mississippi Oct 2023 1.2M BBL 16.5M MCF
# 14 Montana Oct 2023 1.9M BBL 9.8M MCF
# 15 Alabama Sep 2023 BBL MCF
# 15 Kansas Sep 2023 BBL 8.3M MCF
# 16 Michigan Jun 2023 BBL MCF

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Annual Alabama Oil & Gas Production

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Alabama Oil & Gas Wells Completed by Year

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Alabama Oil & Gas Permits by Year

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Browse All Producing Alabama Companies

Top Oil & Gas Producers by BOE in Alabama

Producer Name Location Production Date Monthly BOE Produced Producing Wells Trailing 12 Month Permits
Pruet Production Co. Jackson, MS Sep 2023 296.2K BBL 168 N/A
Hilcorp Energy Company, Inc. Houston, TX Sep 2023 75.4K BBL 47 1
PGP Operating, LLC Vance, AL Sep 2023 51.1K BBL 409 2
Summit Alabama Operating Company, LLC Magnolia, TX Sep 2023 42.4K BBL 286 N/A
Black Warrior Methane Corp. Brookwood, AL Sep 2023 31.1K BBL 97 12
Land and Natural Resource Development, Inc. Northport, AL Sep 2023 25.1K BBL 130 3
JP Oil Alabama, LLC Lafayette, LA Sep 2023 21.9K BBL 205 N/A
Phoenix Natural Resources II Operating Company, LLC Stockton, AL Sep 2023 13.5K BBL 57 N/A
Fletcher Petroleum Corp. Fairhope, AL Sep 2023 12.6K BBL 10 2
Jabsco Oil Operating, LLC Tuscaloosa, AL Sep 2023 9K BBL 77 N/A
Urban Oil & Gas Group, LLC Plano, TX Sep 2023 7.7K BBL 83 N/A
Venture Oil & Gas Inc. Laurel, MS Sep 2023 6.8K BBL 6 N/A
O.G.P. Operating, Inc. Dallas, TX Sep 2023 5.9K BBL 17 N/A
Hughes Eastern Corporation Ridgeland, MS Sep 2023 5.5K BBL 25 N/A
Elite Petroleum Group LLC Tulsa, OK Sep 2023 3.7K BBL 6 N/A
Durango Operating, LLC Ridgeland, MS Sep 2023 3.6K BBL 16 N/A
GTG Operating, LLC Tyler, TX Sep 2023 3.6K BBL 17 N/A
Black Snake Petroleum, LLC Tuscaloosa, AL Sep 2023 3.5K BBL 35 1
Ventex Operating Corp. Addison, TX Sep 2023 3.2K BBL 6 N/A
Crosbys Creek Oil & Gas, LLC Ridgeland, MS Sep 2023 2.1K BBL 3 N/A
ALOG, LLC Brewton, AL Sep 2023 1.7K BBL 2 N/A
Stetson Petroleum Corp. Rollins, MT Sep 2023 1.4K BBL 2 N/A
Black Rock Operating, L.L.C. Fayette, AL Sep 2023 1.3K BBL 10 N/A
Natural Gas & Oil, Inc. Fayette, AL Sep 2023 1.2K BBL 16 N/A
Columbia Petroleum LLC Brookhaven, MS Sep 2023 1.1K BBL 1 N/A

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Alabama Top Lease Properties by BOE

Lease Property State County Cumulative BOE Producer Name(s)

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Alabama Counties By Production

County National Rank State Rank Production Value Producers Production Date Oil Produced Monthly Gas Produced Monthly BOE Produced Daily

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