Arkansas Oil & Gas Activity

Arkansas statewide summary oil and gas data that goes back to 1922 and contains information on the 47,050 wells that have been drilled in the state since that time. Arkansas is ranked #12 in the US based on Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE) produced in Jun 2020. You will also find information on the producers of wells as well as recent drilling permits, rigs and production data for producing wells which start in Jan 1922 and go through Jun 2020.

Arkansas State Summary Stats

Arkansas Oil & Gas State Income: $115,171,866,173
National Energy Production Rank: #12

Arkansas Map of Current Permits and Wells

Approved Permit
Oil Well
Gas Well

Tier 1 Acreage
Tier 2 Acreage
Tier 3 Acreage
Fringe Acreage

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Arkansas Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
How does Arkansas rank in the nation for oil and gas production? Arkansas currently ranks #12 in the nation based on barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) production.
How many wells were drilled in Arkansas so far this year? Arkansas has had 47,050 wells drilled this year.
How many approved permits are there in Arkansas? There have been 0 permits approved in Arkansas.
What is the average boe produced by well in Arkansas? 718 BBLs of oil equivalent (BOE) is the average amount produced by a single well in Arkansas
How many active producers are there in Arkansas? There are currently 164 active producers in the state of Arkansas.
What is the average depth an oil or gas well is drilled in Arkansas? 0 feet is the average depth of a well in Arkansas.

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Arkansas Oil & Gas Activity Stats

Category Last Year Value Current Year Value YoY Trend YoY % Change
Total Wells 47,006 47,050 Up 0.09%
Total Producing Wells 9,776 9,477 Down -3.06%
Percentage of Wells Producing 21% 20% Down -3%
Active Producers 192 164 Down -15%
Total Permits 0 0 Flat 0%
Average Well Depth 0 0 Flat 0%
Average BOE per Well 784 718 Down -8%

Insight Scores

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Other States By Production Rank

Rank State Most Recent Month Oil Produced Gas Produced
# 1 Texas Nov 2020 107.2M BBL 410.5M MCF
# 3 Louisiana Nov 2020 3.8M BBL 369.6M MCF
# 4 New Mexico Dec 2020 30.7M BBL 166.5M MCF
# 5 North Dakota Dec 2020 36.4M BBL 76.4M MCF
# 6 Oklahoma Aug 2020 11.5M BBL 186M MCF
# 7 Colorado Nov 2020 12.1M BBL 180.6M MCF
# 8 West Virginia Dec 2018 1.2M BBL 166.1M MCF
# 9 Wyoming Nov 2020 6M BBL 59.2M MCF
# 10 Ohio Dec 2018 987.7K BBL 87M MCF
# 11 California May 2020 11.4M BBL 16M MCF
# 12 Arkansas Jun 2020 221.5K BBL 39.4M MCF
# 13 Mississippi Nov 2020 1.2M BBL 15M MCF
# 14 Kansas Oct 2020 2M BBL 9.8M MCF
# 14 Utah Sep 2020 0 BBL 0 MCF
# 15 Montana Oct 2020 1.5M BBL 9.1M MCF
# 16 Alabama Sep 2020 366.6K BBL 6.8M MCF
# 17 Michigan Jun 2020 225.4K BBL 5.6M MCF
# 18 Pennsylvania Dec 2020 0 BBL 32 MCF

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Annual Arkansas Oil & Gas Production

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Arkansas Oil & Gas Wells Completed by Year

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Arkansas Oil & Gas Permits by Year

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Browse All Producing Arkansas Companies

Top Oil & Gas Producers by BOE in Arkansas

Producer Name Location Production Date Monthly BOE Produced Producing Wells Trailing 12 Month Permits
Flywheel Energy Production, LLC Oklahoma City, OK Jun 2020 4.2M BBL 3,628 N/A
Merit Energy Company, LLC Dallas, TX Jun 2020 1M BBL 1,728 N/A
XTO Energy, Inc. Spring, TX Jun 2020 700.9K BBL 757 N/A
Stephens Production Company Fort Smith, AR Jun 2020 140.8K BBL 485 N/A
Lime Rock Resources III-A, L.P. Houston, TX Jun 2020 113.1K BBL 460 N/A
Mission Creek OPCO, LLC Magnolia, AR Jun 2020 81.7K BBL 167 N/A
Camterra Resources, Inc Marshall, TX Jun 2020 81.6K BBL 480 N/A
Hanna Oil and Gas Company Fort Smith, AR Jun 2020 52.7K BBL 247 N/A
Oxley Energy, LLC Houston, TX Jun 2020 32.9K BBL 145 N/A
Riverfront Exploration, LLC Fort Smith, AR Jun 2020 23.4K BBL 118 N/A
Quanico Oil & Gas, Inc El Dorado, AR Jun 2020 23.3K BBL 25 N/A
Foundation Energy Management, LLC Addison, TX Jun 2020 22.3K BBL 126 N/A
Betsy Production Company, Inc Magnolia, AR Jun 2020 20.1K BBL 61 N/A
White Rock Oil & Gas, LLC Plano, TX Jun 2020 19.6K BBL 25 N/A
Ross Explorations, Inc Fort Smith, AR Jun 2020 19.1K BBL 77 N/A
Hogback Exploration, Inc. Fort Smith, AR Jun 2020 14.5K BBL 62 N/A
Petro-Chem Operating Company, Inc. Shreveport, LA Jun 2020 12.2K BBL 8 N/A
Weiser-Brown Operating Company Magnolia, AR Jun 2020 11.9K BBL 45 N/A
Enerco Operating Corporation Dallas, TX Jun 2020 10.9K BBL 36 N/A
ArklaTx Operating Company, Inc Smackover, AR Jun 2020 9.3K BBL 23 N/A
Breitburn Operating, LP Houston, TX Jun 2020 8.9K BBL 43 N/A
Urban Oil & Gas Group, LLC Plano, TX Jun 2020 8.5K BBL 36 N/A
McGowan Working Partners, Inc. Jackson, MS Jun 2020 7K BBL 3 N/A
Brammer Engineering, Inc Shreveport, LA Jun 2020 6.6K BBL 1 N/A
Reliance Energy, Inc. dba Reliance Gas Company Midland, TX Jun 2020 5.7K BBL 20 N/A

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Arkansas Top Lease Properties by BOE

Lease Property State County Cumulative BOE Producer Name(s)
Magnolia Smackover Unit Arkansas Columbia County 92.7M BBL White Rock Oil & Gas, LLC
Midway Smackover Unit Arkansas Lafayette County 50.8M BBL C12: Arkansas Oil, LLC
Walker Creek Smackover Unit Arkansas Lafayette County 50M BBL Breitburn Operating, LP
Wesson Hogg Sand Unit Arkansas Ouachita County 31.2M BBL Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation
Shuler Hill Unit Arkansas Union County 25M BBL McGowan Working Partners, Inc.
Mckamie Patton Smackover Unit Arkansas Lafayette County 21.6M BBL Mission Creek OPCO, LLC
Grayson Smackover Unit Arkansas Columbia County 19.6M BBL Petro-Chem Operating Company, Inc.
Chalybeat Springs Smackover Unit Arkansas Columbia County 18.8M BBL Dews Production LLC
Smackover (985) Unit Arkansas Ouachita County 13.6M BBL ArklaTx Operating Company, Inc
Dorcheat Macedonia Cotton Valley Unit Arkansas Columbia County 6.9M BBL Bonanza Creek Energy Resources, LLC,McAlester Fuel Co,Mission Creek OPCO, LLC,TGX Corporation
Water Supply Slu Arkansas Lafayette County 5.9M BBL Brammer Engineering, Inc
Kelly Bayou Jeter Unit Arkansas Miller County 5.1M BBL Morris, C L Inc,Ploutos, LLC,Stroud Production, LLC,Sun Oil Co,Sun Oil & Refining Co,Sunray DX Oil Company
Ezzell Arkansas Union County 4.8M BBL Ascot Oil Inc,D & S of Stephens, Inc,Grayson Well Service,Jamie Oil, Inc,Kelly Oil Company,McCombs, Hardy et al,Quanico Oil & Gas, Inc,Saulsbury, John G,Smackover Drilling Company Inc,SMI Operating Company, LLC
Days Creek Smackover Unit Arkansas Miller County 4.5M BBL Carter Resources Inc,Days Creek Operating Company Inc
Stephens Hogg Unit Arkansas Ouachita County 4.5M BBL Cypress Creek Production Company
Lick Creek Meakin Unit Arkansas Bradley County 4.3M BBL Secondary Oil Corp
Wesson Smackover Unit Arkansas Ouachita County 4.1M BBL Weiser-Brown Operating Company
Tatum "b" Arkansas Union County 3.5M BBL Big Heart Oil Company, LLC,McGowan Working Partners, Inc.
Green Bay Packaging 09-15 Arkansas Conway County 3.4M BBL Flywheel Energy Production, LLC
Kerlin Pettet Unit Arkansas Columbia County 3.3M BBL Albemarle Corporation,Enerquest Oil & Gas LLC,Urban Oil & Gas Group, LLC
Green Bay Packaging 10-08 Arkansas Cleburne County 2.9M BBL Flywheel Energy Production, LLC
Champagnolle Landing Baker Unit Arkansas Union County 2.8M BBL LBOC, LLC
Stephens Water Flood Unit Ii Arkansas Ouachita County 2.8M BBL Secondary Oil Corp
Deltic Timber 09-16 Arkansas Conway County 2.7M BBL Flywheel Energy Production, LLC
Fort Chaffee Arkansas Sebastian County 2.7M BBL Lime Rock Resources III-A, L.P.,Lyons & Lyons, Inc,Riverfront Exploration, LLC,Spring Resources INC,Stephens Production Company

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Arkansas Counties By Production

County National Rank State Rank Production Value Producers Production Date Oil Produced Monthly Gas Produced Monthly BOE Produced Daily
Ashley County, AR #781 #23 $24,055,415 1 Jun 2020 779 BBL 0 MCF 25.97 BOE
Bradley County, AR #788 #24 $517,333,804 2 Jun 2020 550 BBL 0 MCF 18.33 BOE
Calhoun County, AR #762 #22 $251,327,725 4 Jun 2020 1.3K BBL 200 MCF 46.27 BOE
Cleburne County, AR #99 #2 $3,750,806,043 3 Jun 2020 0 BBL 7.5M MCF 41.7K BOE
Columbia County, AR #292 #9 $13,791,066,948 32 Jun 2020 84.7K BBL 326.8K MCF 4.6K BOE
Conway County, AR #100 #3 $5,987,567,177 3 Jun 2020 0 BBL 7.4M MCF 41.3K BOE
Crawford County, AR #517 #16 $3,278,813,021 7 Jun 2020 0 BBL 146.7K MCF 815.23 BOE
Faulkner County, AR #168 #5 $1,946,756,729 3 Jun 2020 0 BBL 2.8M MCF 15.6K BOE
Franklin County, AR #269 #8 $10,683,001,700 20 Jun 2020 0 BBL 987.8K MCF 5.4K BOE
Hempstead County, AR #813 #25 $10,011,435 1 Jun 2020 184 BBL 0 MCF 6.13 BOE
Independence County, AR #500 #15 $163,828,688 3 Jun 2020 0 BBL 176.8K MCF 982.57 BOE
Jackson County, AR #591 #20 $57,481,312 2 Jun 2020 0 BBL 74.7K MCF 415.27 BOE
Johnson County, AR #437 #12 $3,896,914,714 18 Jun 2020 0 BBL 249.5K MCF 1.3K BOE
Lafayette County, AR #487 #14 $9,645,144,775 28 Jun 2020 24.2K BBL 43.2K MCF 1K BOE
Logan County, AR #221 #6 $4,701,772,209 17 Jun 2020 0 BBL 1.4M MCF 7.9K BOE
Madison County, AR #816 #26 $4,850,848 1 Jun 2020 0 BBL 957 MCF 5.33 BOE
Miller County, AR #530 #19 $2,557,006,170 21 Jun 2020 22.4K BBL 230 MCF 750.07 BOE
Nevada County, AR #640 #21 $1,050,748,695 10 Jun 2020 7.8K BBL 1.3K MCF 270.1 BOE
Ouachita County, AR #518 #17 $4,450,398,126 26 Jun 2020 24.4K BBL 257 MCF 815.07 BOE
Pope County, AR #426 #11 $2,471,814,977 18 Jun 2020 0 BBL 269.8K MCF 1.4K BOE
Scott County, AR #521 #18 $543,286,465 6 Jun 2020 0 BBL 145.1K MCF 806.03 BOE
Sebastian County, AR #228 #7 $7,935,723,644 22 Jun 2020 0 BBL 1.3M MCF 7.4K BOE
Union County, AR #405 #10 $6,617,269,572 50 Jun 2020 54.9K BBL 2.6K MCF 1.8K BOE
Van Buren County, AR #87 #1 $7,824,820,598 5 Jun 2020 0 BBL 8.8M MCF 49.3K BOE
White County, AR #101 #4 $5,991,139,443 5 Jun 2020 0 BBL 7.4M MCF 41.3K BOE
Yell County, AR #466 #13 $718,141,696 3 Jun 2020 0 BBL 210.2K MCF 1.1K BOE

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