Burdine, E M

Burdine, E M Activity Summary

Production Status Actively Producing
Producer National Rank by BOE #55
Total Producing Wells 6
Most Recent Production Month 09-01-2021
Total Oil Production 2,355,728 BBls
Total Gas Production 204,929 MCFs
Total BOE Production 2,389,882 BBls
Producing Counties Columbia County Nevada County Ouachita County

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Wells in Arkansas operated by Burdine, E M

API Number Operator Name Recent Production Well Name Field Name Well Type Total Oil Produced Total Gas Produced
03-027-00176 Burdine, E M 09-01-2021 Brown, H D "C" 2 STEPHENS Oil 95,588 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-027-00175 Burdine, E M 03-01-2019 Brown, H D "D" 1 STEPHENS Oil 141,652 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-139-03765 Burdine, E M 11-01-2015 Hanna, W. H. "A" 1 SHULER Oil 93,728 BBLs 8,550 MCFs
03-027-11391 Burdine, E M 09-01-2021 Haynesville Mercantile 1 STEPHENS (SMART AREA) Oil 60,598 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-10659 Burdine, E M 09-01-2021 Jameson 1 TROY SOUTH Oil 29,420 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-091-10408 Burdine, E M 04-01-2003 Nelson 1 KIBLAH Oil 6,511 BBLs 23,258 MCFs
03-103-01006 Burdine, E M 09-01-2021 Pounds, J A 1 STEPHENS Oil 113,826 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-027-10307 Burdine, E M 09-01-2021 Smart, E C "N" 2 STEPHENS Oil 6,950 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-027-10471 Burdine, E M 08-01-2021 Smart, J F "D" 5 STEPHENS Oil 105,332 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-027-01566 Burdine, E M 05-01-2021 Taylor, W.G. "A" 5 STEPHENS Oil 5,566 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-103-00999 Burdine, E M 09-01-2021 Water flood Unit P-2 STEPHENS (SMART AREA) Oil 1,373,726 BBLs 0 MCFs

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Burdine, E M Contact Info:


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Burdine, E M
411 Columbia Road 405
Magnolia , AR . 71753


(870) 904-3408

About Burdine, E M

Burdine, E M is currently ranked #55 in the state of Arkansas based on a total production of 2,389,882 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) reported during the month of 09-01-2021. The company has an estimated daily production of 37 BBLs oil and 37 MCF of gas, coming from 6 actively producing wells in the state.

There are no permits filed with the state that Burdine, E M can drill in the future.

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