Faith Energy, Llc

Faith Energy, Llc Activity Summary

Production Status Actively Producing
Producer National Rank by BOE #44
Total Producing Wells 9
Most Recent Production Month 01-01-2022
Total Oil Production 3,558,781 BBls
Total Gas Production 0 MCFs
Total BOE Production 3,558,781 BBls
Producing Counties Nevada County

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Wells in Arkansas operated by Faith Energy, LLC

API Number Operator Name Recent Production Well Name Field Name Well Type Total Oil Produced Total Gas Produced
03-099-00451 Faith Energy, LLC 01-01-2022 Allder, J A 2 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 1,347,412 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-10071 Faith Energy, LLC 07-01-2014 Allder, J.A. Etal 11 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 101,298 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-00437 Faith Energy, LLC 01-01-2022 Allder, J L 1 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 265,044 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-00475 Faith Energy, LLC 11-01-2006 Ellis 1 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 450,480 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-00455 Faith Energy, LLC 01-01-2022 Ellis, T E 3 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 25,990 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-11075 Faith Energy, LLC N/A Ellis, T E 6 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 0 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-00749 Faith Energy, LLC 03-01-2008 Ellis, T E A-1 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 136,384 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-00452 Faith Energy, LLC 01-01-2022 Federal Land Bank 1 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 112,926 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-10133 Faith Energy, LLC 07-01-2014 McKinney, J E 5 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 25,415 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-00456 Faith Energy, LLC 01-01-2022 Montgomery-Warmack 1 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 24,377 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-00474 Faith Energy, LLC 01-01-2022 Phillips, R E 1 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 241,640 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-00479 Faith Energy, LLC 01-01-2022 Phillips, R E A-1 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 337,464 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-11077 Faith Energy, LLC N/A Phillips, R E "A" 2 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 0 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-70001 Faith Energy, LLC 02-01-1981 Ross, Jane "A" 2 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Injection 3,454 BBLs 0 MCFs
03-099-00473 Faith Energy, LLC 01-01-2022 Spencer, H P A-1 WILLISVILLE SOUTHWEST Oil 321,777 BBLs 0 MCFs

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About Faith Energy, Llc

Faith Energy, Llc is currently ranked #44 in the state of Arkansas based on a total production of 3,558,781 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) reported during the month of 01-01-2022. The company has an estimated daily production of 45 BBLs oil and 45 MCF of gas, coming from 9 actively producing wells in the state.

There are no permits filed with the state that Faith Energy, Llc can drill in the future.

Faith Energy, Llc


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Faith Energy, Llc
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