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  • Track 5 or more Properties
  • 5 GB Vault Document Storage
  • Decline Curves
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  • Advanced Well & Permit Search
  • Well Site Driving Directions
  • Tiered Acreage Map Layers
  • Completions, Frac,
    Sales @ Well Head & Well Logs
  • All MineralAnswers Data Insight Scores
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  • * Includes all Premium Account Features
  • Data Exports
  • Analytics Bubble Map
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Contact Us! - Maps as a Service

Beautiful, Lightening Fast Maps Everyone Loves

Technology: Maps as a Service (MaaS)

We've created the fastest, easy to use and stunning maps that make discovery a breeze. The performance alone is un-matched but we don't stop there. We've now made this available to others, and it's easy to add in our land grid, permits, wells, and graded acreage data layers, giving you a complete mapping solution overnight.

So if you want help with GIS, data automation, map generation or simply want to upgrade the style of your maps, we can help! Contact us, and we'll help elevate your map game.

Analytics Ready - Permit Data

Do you need to stay on top of new wells being planned with daily updates and unique insights? Our national Permits dataset allows you to keep up with planned wells and re-completions, in near-time. With normalized permit types and statuses across state lines, you have a standardized and simple way to track trends and opportunities.

We don't stop there. We excel past our competition by extracting geospatial attributes leveraging machine learning to make sure you have the most unique and insightful permits dataset in the industry. - Maps as a Service

Get Ahead of the Bit - Maps as a Service

Clean & Standardized Well Header

Analytics Ready - Well Data

Do you need to benchmark operators, understand industry trends, or track basin performance? We’ve done the grunt work of cleaning and transforming data attributes to the well level, to provide you with a clean, and unique look at well level data ready for ingestion into your favorite analytics platform.

Our process includes well-level production allocation for lease reported states and calculation of the most insightful derived data fields that you can only get with Data.

Analytics Ready - Production Data

Are you looking to create a reserve report or estimate well level economics? This production dataset rolls up monthly production to the well level so you can decline and fit projections in the engineering software of your choice.

We also include a production month field to allow for easy normalization when creating a decline curve for multiple wells. This dataset pairs nicely with our Well Analytics to allow for more advanced normalization and classification by geological attributes. - Maps as a Service

Production, Including Well Allocations

MineralAnswers Vault

Unique, Just Like You!

Custom Data Sets

Do you need a sub-set of the data, or a dataset tailor made for you?

We can do it! With our extensive data catalogue, we can quickly create a custom set of data for your specific needs or workflow, in the format you need it.

Not only are we the experts with this data, we're the most affordable data provider in the energy space. If you have more time than money, check out our free datasets.

Looking for something custom? Contact us, and let us know how we can help!

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