Oxy Usa Wtp Lp

Contact Phone: (713) 215-7000

Business Address: Oxy Usa Wtp Lp   P O Box 27757 #110   HOUSTON , TX . 77227

Oxy Usa Wtp Lp Activity Summary

Production Status Not Producing
Producer National Rank by BOE Unranked
Total Producing Wells 0
Most Recent Production Month 07-01-2016
Total Oil Production 596,242 BBls
Total Gas Production 247,279,818 MCFs
Total BOE Production 41,809,612 BBls
Producing Counties County

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Wells in Colorado operated by Oxy USA WTP LP

API Number Operator Name Recent Production Well Name Field Name Well Type Total Oil Produced Total Gas Produced
05-045-06870 Oxy USA WTP LP 12-01-2011 CASCADE CREEK 609-1 Grand Valley Gas 399 BBLs 647,695 MCFs
05-045-07520 Oxy USA WTP LP 08-01-2014 CASCADE CREEK 609-33 Grand Valley Gas 6,639 BBLs 963,675 MCFs
05-045-06861 Oxy USA WTP LP 10-01-2012 CASCADE CREEK 620-1 Grand Valley Gas 200 BBLs 400,910 MCFs
05-045-20365 Oxy USA WTP LP 09-01-2015 Cascade Creek 697-05-38B Grand Valley Gas 1,263 BBLs 489,191 MCFs
05-045-18126 Oxy USA WTP LP 02-01-2013 CASCADE CREEK 697-05-78B Grand Valley Gas 361 BBLs 246,668 MCFs
05-045-20970 Oxy USA WTP LP 12-01-2012 Cascade Creek 697-08-10A Grand Valley Gas 2 BBLs 2,147 MCFs
05-045-20972 Oxy USA WTP LP 12-01-2012 Cascade Creek 697-08-10B Grand Valley Gas 30 BBLs 12,454 MCFs
05-045-20024 Oxy USA WTP LP 02-01-2016 Cascade Creek 697-09-10A Grand Valley Gas 417 BBLs 264,934 MCFs
05-045-18346 Oxy USA WTP LP 12-01-2011 CASCADE CREEK 697-09-33A Grand Valley Gas 25 BBLs 18,399 MCFs
05-045-18347 Oxy USA WTP LP 12-01-2011 CASCADE CREEK 697-09-33B Grand Valley Gas 551 BBLs 216,418 MCFs
05-045-18374 Oxy USA WTP LP 12-01-2010 CASCADE CREEK 697-17-14 Grand Valley Gas 5 BBLs 16,925 MCFs
05-045-18379 Oxy USA WTP LP 12-01-2011 CASCADE CREEK 697-17-15 Grand Valley Gas 237 BBLs 117,645 MCFs
05-045-13953 Oxy USA WTP LP 07-01-2012 CASCADE CREEK 697-20-37D Grand Valley Gas 72 BBLs 188,690 MCFs
05-045-11814 Oxy USA WTP LP 01-01-2015 CASCADE CREEK 697-20-59D Grand Valley Gas 296 BBLs 145,233 MCFs
05-045-11962 Oxy USA WTP LP 02-01-2008 CASCADE CREEK 797-5-55D Grand Valley Gas 31 BBLs 75,017 MCFs

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Oxy Usa Wtp Lp Contact Info:


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Oxy Usa Wtp Lp
P O Box 27757 #110
HOUSTON , TX . 77227


(713) 215-7000

About Oxy Usa Wtp Lp

Oxy Usa Wtp Lp is currently un-ranked in the state of Colorado based on a total production of 41,809,612 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) reported during the month of 07-01-2016. The company has an estimated daily production of 0 BBLs oil and 0 MCF of gas, coming from 0 actively producing wells in the state.

There are no permits filed with the state that Oxy Usa Wtp Lp can drill in the future.

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