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Free nationwide public oil and gas data, downloadable by state.

We believe that knowledge is power.

And everyone should have access to the same level of information. We've done the hard work of pulling the U.S. oil and gas data together and this is an important first step towards our goal of reducing the information asymmetry that exists today in oil and gas market.

Data Downloads for U.S. oil and gas data by state
Note: Each state contains data for drilling permits, wells and production.

Analytics Ready Data.

Your time is valuable, and we've done a lot of the work cleaning up the public data and we know it inside and out. We have clean, advanced datasets for professionals and businesses that are the most affordable in the industry, ready to use in minutes.

Plus Dataset

Need help working with the data or additional datasets?

Our Plus Dataset is affordable, and has years worth of work by us cleaning up the public data and making it easier to use, and include some of our forecasts and scores, and is what powers our MineralAnswers.com SaaS platform today.

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A.I. Accelerators

Looking to power your ML and AI? We've done that too!

With our A.I. Accelerator Data, you get the super clean feature inputs we've used for our ML and AI, saving you valuable data engineering time for your data scientists.

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