Lane County, KS Oil & Gas Activity

Lane County, KS ranks #51 in the state for BOE produced in the most recent month (May 2021). The information below is the summary of oil and gas data that goes back to 1980 and contains information on the 2,668 wells that have been drilled from Jan 1980 to May 2021.

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Lane County, KS
County Income: $1,646,098,798
National Energy Production Rank: #641

Lane County, KS Map of Current Permits and Wells

Approved Permit
Oil Well
Gas Well

Tier 1 Acreage
Tier 2 Acreage
Tier 3 Acreage
Fringe Acreage

Lane County, KS Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
How does Lane County, KS rank in the nation for oil and gas production? Lane County, KS currently ranks #641 in the nation based on barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) production.
How many wells were drilled in Lane County, KS so far this year? Lane County, KS has had 2,668 wells drilled this year.
How many approved permits are there in Texas? There have been 0 permits approved in Lane County, KS.
What is the average boe produced by well in Lane County, KS? 0 BBLs of oil equivalent (BOE) is the average amount produced by a single well in Lane County, KS
How many active producers are there in Lane County, KS? There are currently 0 active producers in the county of Lane County, KS.
What is the average depth an oil or gas well is drilled in Lane County, KS? 4,548 feet is the average depth of a well in Lane County, KS.

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Lane County, KS Oil & Gas Activity Stats

Category Last Year Value Current Year Value YoY Trend YoY % Change
Total Wells 2,549 2,668 Up 4.67%
Total Producing Wells 2 0 Flat %
Percentage of Wells Producing 0% 0% Flat 0%
Active Producers 0 0 Flat 0%
Total Permits 0 0 Flat 0%
Average Well Depth 4,566 4,548 Down 0%
Average BOE per Well 81 0 Flat 0%

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Lane County, KS Oil & Gas Production by Year

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Lane County, KS Oil & Gas Wells Completed by Year

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Lane County, KS Oil & Gas Permits by Year

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Lane County, KS Top Wells by BOE Production for May 2021

Well Name API # Well Location Reported Production Date BOE Produced
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Kansas Top Lease Properties by BOE

Lease Property State County Cumulative BOE Producer Name(s)
Jennison 'B' Kansas Lane County 633.9K BBL Vess Oil Corporation
SCHMIDT Kansas Lane County 509.4K BBL Argent Energy, Inc.
Louise Kansas Lane County 488.8K BBL Carmen Schmitt, Inc.
GILL Kansas Lane County 459.9K BBL Oil Producers, Inc. of Kansas
D A R Kansas Lane County 396.8K BBL Petroleum Property Services, Inc.
Howard Kansas Lane County 361.1K BBL Charter Energy, Inc.
JENNISON Kansas Lane County 354.4K BBL Trek AEC, LLC
McWhirter 'B' Kansas Lane County 328K BBL Shakespeare Oil Co., Inc.
MENDENHALL 'B' Kansas Lane County 325.9K BBL Veenker Resources, Inc.
ANDERSON Kansas Lane County 315.9K BBL Abercrombie Energy, LLC
JENNISON Kansas Lane County 292.4K BBL DGH Oil, LLC
Michaud Trust Kansas Lane County 289.1K BBL Raymond Oil Company, Inc.
JENNISON Kansas Lane County 285.8K BBL H & C Oil Operating Inc.
JONES 'D' Kansas Lane County 262.9K BBL Wilton Petroleum, Inc.
Ahnert 'C' Kansas Lane County 260.4K BBL Trans Pacific Oil Corporation
Ware Kansas Lane County 255.6K BBL Abercrombie Energy, LLC
Richards 'I' Kansas Lane County 254.7K BBL TexKan Resources, LLC
JENNISON 'A' Kansas Lane County 238.5K BBL DGH Oil, LLC
DEBBIE Kansas Lane County 237.3K BBL Carmen Schmitt, Inc.
SCHWARTZ Kansas Lane County 237K BBL Ritchie Exploration, Inc.
BOWLES 'A' Kansas Lane County 226.3K BBL DGH Oil, LLC
RICHARDS Kansas Lane County 225.1K BBL Vess Oil Corporation
DICKEY Kansas Lane County 224.6K BBL Midco Exploration, Inc.
Truan Kansas Lane County 210.1K BBL Vess Oil Corporation
Doll Kansas Lane County 209.4K BBL Vess Oil Corporation

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Lane County, KS Township-Ranges

County Township-Range Producers Oil Produced Monthly Gas Produced Monthly BOE Produced Daily Production Date