Chizum Oil, Llc

Contact Phone: (316) 990-6248

Business Address: Chizum Oil, Llc   346 S Lulu St   WICHITA , KS . 67211

Chizum Oil, Llc Activity Summary

Production Status Not Producing
Producer National Rank by BOE Unranked
Total Producing Wells 0
Most Recent Production Month 12-01-2020
Total Oil Production 28,209 BBls
Total Gas Production 0 MCFs
Total BOE Production 28,209 BBls
Producing Counties County

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Wells in Kansas operated by Chizum Oil, LLC

API Number Operator Name Recent Production Well Name Field Name Well Type Total Oil Produced Total Gas Produced
15-153-21269 Chizum Oil, LLC CREASEY 1-34L Other 0 BBLs 0 MCFs
15-181-20618 Chizum Oil, LLC 12-01-2019 GASKILL 1-35 Gertrude West Oil 6,519 BBLs 0 MCFs
15-181-20611 Chizum Oil, LLC 12-01-2019 GERTRUDE 2-36 Oil 13,635 BBLs 0 MCFs
15-181-20625 Chizum Oil, LLC 12-01-2019 LHR 1-26P Oil 2,751 BBLs 0 MCFs
15-181-20645 Chizum Oil, LLC LHR 2-26 Gertrude Northwest Oil 0 BBLs 0 MCFs
15-193-21092 Chizum Oil, LLC LUCKERT 1-13 Other 0 BBLs 0 MCFs
15-181-20632 Chizum Oil, LLC 12-01-2020 QUENZER 2-27 Oil 5,304 BBLs 0 MCFs
15-153-21262 Chizum Oil, LLC WALKER A 2-34 Oil 0 BBLs 0 MCFs
15-153-21261 Chizum Oil, LLC WALKER B 1-27 Other 0 BBLs 0 MCFs
15-153-21268 Chizum Oil, LLC WALKER B 2-27P Other 0 BBLs 0 MCFs

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Chizum Oil, Llc Contact Info:


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Chizum Oil, Llc
346 S Lulu St
WICHITA , KS . 67211


(316) 990-6248

About Chizum Oil, Llc

Chizum Oil, Llc is currently un-ranked in the state of Kansas based on a total production of 28,209 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) reported during the month of 12-01-2020. The company has an estimated daily production of 0 BBLs oil and 0 MCF of gas, coming from 0 actively producing wells in the state.

There are 4 permits filed with the state that Chizum Oil, Llc can drill in the future.

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