How Can I Lease My Minerals?

The saying “knowledge is power” applies well in the realm of oil and gas leasing. One effective way to gain knowledge is to visit the local courthouse where land records are kept. This is where landmen, who conduct research on mineral rights ownership for oil companies, can be found. Building relationships with landmen by chatting with them, asking about their areas of interest, and potentially even taking them out for lunch can be beneficial. Additionally, talking with neighbors about their leasing experiences and expressing interest in leasing your own land can also increase the chances of attracting offers.

It’s important to note that drilling plays are dynamic and constantly affected by factors such as pressures, flow rates, oil prices, and land acquisition costs. Both oil companies and mineral owners must work together for successful leasing. While traditionally oil companies would identify their areas of interest and seek out mineral owners, it is now possible for mineral owners to reach out to companies via email and the internet to express interest in leasing their land.

Simply use the maps on to zoom into your area and see who the nearby operators are operating the wells, and find their contact information on the site to reach out and let them know you’re interested in starting a discussion about leasing your minerals. Good luck!