Franklin Parish, LA Oil & Gas Activity

Franklin Parish, LA ranks #65 in the state for BOE produced in the most recent month (Feb 2024). The information below is the summary of oil and gas data that goes back to 1977 and contains information on the 809 wells that have been drilled from Jan 1977 to Feb 2024.

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Franklin Parish, LA
County Income: $117,922,282
National Energy Production Rank: #712

Franklin Parish, LA Map of Current Permits and Wells

Approved Permit
Oil Well
Gas Well

Tier 1 Acreage
Tier 2 Acreage
Tier 3 Acreage
Fringe Acreage

Franklin Parish, LA Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
How does Franklin Parish, LA rank in the nation for oil and gas production? Franklin Parish, LA currently ranks #712 in the nation based on barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) production.
How many wells were drilled in Franklin Parish, LA so far this year? Franklin Parish, LA has had 809 wells drilled this year.
How many approved permits are there in Texas? There have been 0 permits approved in Franklin Parish, LA.
What is the average boe produced by well in Franklin Parish, LA? 0 BBLs of oil equivalent (BOE) is the average amount produced by a single well in Franklin Parish, LA
How many active producers are there in Franklin Parish, LA? There are currently 0 active producers in the county of Franklin Parish, LA.
What is the average depth an oil or gas well is drilled in Franklin Parish, LA? 4,846 feet is the average depth of a well in Franklin Parish, LA.

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Franklin Parish, LA Oil & Gas Activity Stats

Category Last Year Value Current Year Value YoY Trend YoY % Change
Total Wells 629 809 Up 28.62%
Total Producing Wells 6 0 Flat %
Percentage of Wells Producing 1% 0% Flat 0%
Active Producers 3 0 Flat 0%
Total Permits 0 0 Flat 0%
Average Well Depth 4,797 4,846 Up 1%
Average BOE per Well 312 0 Flat 0%

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Franklin Parish, LA Oil & Gas Production by Year

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Franklin Parish, LA Oil & Gas Wells Completed by Year

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Franklin Parish, LA Oil & Gas Permits by Year

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Top Producers by BOE Production in Franklin Parish, LA

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Producer Name Location Production Date Oil Produced Gas Produced BOE Produced

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Franklin Parish, LA Top Wells by BOE Production for Feb 2024

Well Name API # Well Location Reported Production Date BOE Produced
Browse All Producing Louisiana Properties

Louisiana Top Lease Properties by BOE

Lease Property State Parish Cumulative BOE Producer Name(s)
Delhi Holt Bryant Su Louisiana Franklin Parish 348.8M BBL DENBURY ONSHORE, LLC,SUN EXPLORATION-PRODUCTION CO.
Delhi Mengel Ugr Su Louisiana Franklin Parish 1.9M BBL SUN EXPLORATION-PRODUCTION CO.
J E Holt D Louisiana Franklin Parish 392.6K BBL SINGLE BARREL OIL AND GAS LLC
Rushing Louisiana Franklin Parish 212K BBL DELTA EXPL.& DEVELOPMENT CORP.
Ayer Tbr Co Inc B Louisiana Franklin Parish 205.8K BBL VERONA ENERGY, INC.
Ayer Tbr Co Inc A Louisiana Franklin Parish 155.1K BBL TRIBAL OIL COMPANY
Ayer Tbr Co Inc A Louisiana Franklin Parish 145.8K BBL ROSS PROD. - ZWAHLEN & RAISH
Paul Zachry Louisiana Franklin Parish 114.2K BBL HEADINGTON OIL COMPANY
Till Et Al Louisiana Franklin Parish 105.8K BBL WHITING PETROLEUM CORPORATION
Baker Heirs Louisiana Franklin Parish 98.2K BBL DELTA OPERATING COMPANY,PATTERSON & BEST, INC.
J E Holt A Louisiana Franklin Parish 86.9K BBL MURPHY - SUN,URBAN OIL & GAS GROUP, LLC
George H Tyler Louisiana Franklin Parish 78.4K BBL W A LUSK
Strat Ra Sua;j E Holt D Louisiana Franklin Parish 75.8K BBL HEADINGTON OIL COMPANY, L.P.
Smith C Louisiana Franklin Parish 73.5K BBL NAVARRO GAS PRODUCTION COMPANY
Kny Sum;j E Holt A Louisiana Franklin Parish 66.9K BBL URBAN OIL & GAS GROUP, LLC
Kny Sub;j E Holt A Louisiana Franklin Parish 43K BBL URBAN OIL & GAS GROUP, LLC
M R Goodwin Louisiana Franklin Parish 42.6K BBL PATTERSON & BEST, INC.
Kny Sug;cleve Dixon Louisiana Franklin Parish 31.6K BBL URBAN OIL & GAS GROUP, LLC
Andrew Mullican Louisiana Franklin Parish 29.5K BBL PITTS OIL CO-DALLAS PROD INC
Mlgc (e S Rabun #1) Louisiana Franklin Parish 26.8K BBL MID LOUISIANA GAS COMPANY
Mullican Louisiana Franklin Parish 26.3K BBL CHAMP OPERATING COMPANY
Wyatt Fee G Louisiana Franklin Parish 23.8K BBL MUNOCO COMPANY
Mcintyre Louisiana Franklin Parish 23.1K BBL WHITING PETROLEUM CORPORATION

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Franklin Parish, LA Township-Ranges

Parish Township-Range Producers Oil Produced Monthly Gas Produced Monthly BOE Produced Daily Production Date