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Business Address: Fdl Operating, Llc   909 Lake Carolyn Parkway   Suite 500 Irving , TX . 75039

Fdl Operating, Llc Activity Summary

Production Status Not Producing
Producer National Rank by BOE Unranked
Total Producing Wells 0
Most Recent Production Month 03-01-2019
Total Oil Production 64,853 BBls
Total Gas Production 30,881,459 MCFs
Total BOE Production 5,211,658 BBls
Producing Counties County

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Wells in Mississippi operated by FDL Operating, LLC

API Number Operator Name Recent Production Well Name Field Name Well Type Total Oil Produced Total Gas Produced
23-073-20535 FDL Operating, LLC 09-01-2017 Batson 10-5 Baxterville Gas 234 BBLs 142,839 MCFs
23-073-20425 FDL Operating, LLC 12-01-2017 BOE 16-4 Baxterville Gas 213 BBLs 186,683 MCFs
23-065-20750 FDL Operating, LLC 11-01-2014 BOE 16-4 Gwinville Gas 49 BBLs 78,091 MCFs
23-065-20053 FDL Operating, LLC 07-01-2015 C B BUTLER 1 Gwinville Gas 18,532 BBLs 2,101,759 MCFs
23-065-20616 FDL Operating, LLC 09-01-2018 GRIFFITH 35-11 70-R Gwinville Gas 152 BBLs 309,074 MCFs
23-065-20838 FDL Operating, LLC 04-01-2018 J. Cole 33-9 211 Gwinville Gas 211 BBLs 60,234 MCFs
23-065-20739 FDL Operating, LLC 07-01-2016 M. GRIFFITH 28-4 Gwinville Gas 75 BBLs 197,086 MCFs
23-065-20483 FDL Operating, LLC 08-01-2014 NOBLE-EASLEY 28-11 4 Gwinville Gas 944 BBLs 119,123 MCFs

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Fdl Operating, Llc
909 Lake Carolyn Parkway
Suite 500 Irving , TX . 75039


About Fdl Operating, Llc

Fdl Operating, Llc is currently un-ranked in the state of Mississippi based on a total production of 5,211,658 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) reported during the month of 03-01-2019. The company has an estimated daily production of 0 BBLs oil and 0 MCF of gas, coming from 0 actively producing wells in the state.

There are no permits filed with the state that Fdl Operating, Llc can drill in the future.

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