The Mississippian covers areas of Kansas and Oklahoma. The information below is the summary of oil and gas data that goes back to 1980 and contains information on the 15,122 producing wells that have been drilled in the Mississippian from Jan 1970 to Aug 2020.

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Basin Counties

The counties comprising the Mississippian in Kansas are: Barber County, KS, Clark County, KS, Comanche County, KS, Cowley County, KS, Edwards County, KS, Ellsworth County, KS, Finney County, KS, Ford County, KS, Gove County, KS, Gray County, KS, Greeley County, KS, Harper County, KS, Harvey County, KS, Haskell County, KS, Hodgeman County, KS, Kearny County, KS, Kingman County, KS, Kiowa County, KS, Lane County, KS, Logan County, KS, McPherson County, KS, Meade County, KS, Ness County, KS, Pawnee County, KS, Pratt County, KS, Reno County, KS, Rice County, KS, Rush County, KS, Scott County, KS, Sedgwick County, KS, Sheridan County, KS, Sherman County, KS, Stafford County, KS, Sumner County, KS, Thomas County, KS, Trego County, KS, Wallace County, KS, Wichita County, KS

The counties comprising the Mississippian in Oklahoma are: Alfalfa County, OK, Blaine County, OK, Canadian County, OK, Carter County, OK, Comanche County, OK, Creek County, OK, Ellis County, OK, Garfield County, OK, Grady County, OK, Grant County, OK, Harper County, OK, Kay County, OK, Kingfisher County, OK, Lincoln County, OK, Logan County, OK, Major County, OK, McClain County, OK, Muskogee County, OK, Noble County, OK, Nowata County, OK, Oklahoma County, OK, Okmulgee County, OK, Osage County, OK, Pawnee County, OK, Payne County, OK, Pottawatomie County, OK, Roger Mills County, OK, Seminole County, OK, Stephens County, OK, Texas County, OK, Tulsa County, OK, Washington County, OK, Woods County, OK, and Woodward County, OK

Mississippian Map of Current Permits and Wells

Approved Permit
Oil Well
Gas Well

Basin Boundary

Tier 1 Acreage
Tier 2 Acreage
Tier 3 Acreage
Fringe Acreage

Mississippian Oil & Gas Activity Stats

Category Last Year Value Current Year Value YoY Trend YoY % Change
Total Wells 76,088 76,650 Up 0.74%
Total Producing Wells 15,733 15,122 Down -3.88%
Percentage of Wells Producing 21% 20% Down -5%
Active Producers 992 945 Down -5%
Total Permits 34 26 Down -24%
Average Well Depth 0 0 Flat 0%
Average BOE per Well 440 425 Down -3%

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Mississippian Oil & Gas Production by Year

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Mississippian Oil & Gas Wells Completed by Year

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Mississippian Oil & Gas Permits by Year

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Top Producers by BOE Production in Mississippian

Producer Name Oil Produced Gas Produced BOE Produced
Altex Resources Inc 52.6M BBL 32.5M MCF 58M BOE
American Warrior, Inc. 26.6M BBL 34.4M MCF 32.3M BOE
Bce-mach Llc 8.9M BBL 90.5M MCF 24M BOE
Berexco Llc 55.2M BBL 12.4M MCF 57.3M BOE
Chaparral Energy Llc 10.6M BBL 80.7M MCF 24.1M BOE
Chesapeake Energy 72.1M BBL 722.9M MCF 192.6M BOE
Cimarex Energy Co 2.3M BBL 167.8M MCF 30.3M BOE
Davis William H 26.9M BBL 1.7M MCF 27.2M BOE
Devon Energy 9.1M BBL 101.2M MCF 26M BOE
Eagle Energy Production Llc 1.8M BBL 419.9M MCF 71.8M BOE
Equal Energy Us Inc 636.9K BBL 127.7M MCF 21.9M BOE
Exxon 32.4K BBL 289.8M MCF 48.3M BOE
Hartman Oil Co., Inc. 25.8M BBL 37.6M MCF 32.1M BOE
Merit Energy Company, Llc 13M BBL 331M MCF 68.2M BOE
Midstates Petroleum Company Llc 21.7M BBL 219.3M MCF 58.2M BOE
Otc Use Only 29.6M BBL 71.7M MCF 41.5M BOE
Oxy 4.6M BBL 338.1M MCF 61M BOE
Pickrell Drilling Company, Inc. 20.7M BBL 28.8M MCF 25.5M BOE
Sandridge 66.9M BBL 636.5M MCF 173M BOE
Scout Energy Management 415K BBL 140.2M MCF 23.7M BOE
Trans Pacific Oil Corporation 14.9M BBL 24.5M MCF 19M BOE
Vess Oil Corporation 39.6M BBL 8M MCF 41M BOE
White Star Petroleum Llc 10.8M BBL 75.5M MCF 23.4M BOE
Woolsey Operating Company, Llc 16.4M BBL 23.4M MCF 20.3M BOE
Xto Energy Inc 1.3M BBL 346.4M MCF 59.1M BOE

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Mississippian Top Lease Properties by BOE

Lease Property Location Cumulative BOE Producer Name(s)
Newy Grady County, Oklahoma 1.5M BBL CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC
Lippelmann Thomas County, Kansas 464.9K BBL ELK Energy Holdings LLC
Blondie Blaine County, Oklahoma 492.8K BBL CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC
Walker Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 155K BBL AEXCO PETROLEUM INC
Calmus Bia Blaine County, Oklahoma 797.1K BBL CIMAREX ENERGY CO
Walker Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 259.6K BBL AEXCO PETROLEUM INC
McWilliams E Finney County, Kansas 101.3K BBL Merit Energy Company, LLC
Harvester 11-25-12 Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 263.2K BBL BCE-MACH LLC, CHESAPEAKE OPERATING LLC
Deaner 2812 Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 627.4K BBL SANDRIDGE EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION LLC
Harrison 18-25-15 Woods County, Oklahoma 105.3K BBL BCE-MACH LLC
Werth Trego County, Kansas 333.7K BBL Carmen Schmitt, Inc.
Sonoyta 23_26-17N-10W Blaine County, Oklahoma 727.5K BBL DEVON ENERGY PRODUCTION CO LP
Hylbom 'A' Finney County, Kansas 1.4M BBL Merit Energy Company, LLC
Poteet Stephens County, Oklahoma 1.1M BBL CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC
Buck Trust 3-25-11 Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 30.8K BBL BCE-MACH LLC
MRM Thomas County, Kansas 113.8K BBL BEREXCO LLC
Ike Blaine County, Oklahoma 417.8K BBL CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC
Santana Kingfisher County, Oklahoma 286.8K BBL ENCANA OIL & GAS (USA) INC, OVINTIV MID CONTINENT INC
Patton 25&24-26-11 Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 323.9K BBL BCE-MACH LLC, CHESAPEAKE OPERATING LLC
B&J Hughes 34-26-11 Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 125K BBL BCE-MACH LLC, CHESAPEAKE OPERATING LLC
Stauffer Trust 2713 Woods County, Oklahoma 705.6K BBL SANDRIDGE EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION LLC
Margaret 35-23N-5W Garfield County, Oklahoma 62.6K BBL CONTANGO RESOURCES INC

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