Gallup City Oil, Llc

Gallup City Oil, Llc Activity Summary

Production Status Actively Producing
Producer National Rank by BOE #104
Total Producing Wells 4
Most Recent Production Month 08-01-2020
Total Oil Production 137,193 BBls
Total Gas Production 0 MCFs
Total BOE Production 137,193 BBls
Producing Counties Pondera County Teton County

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Wells in Montana operated by Gallup City Oil, LLC

API Number Operator Name Recent Production Well Name Field Name Well Type Total Oil Produced Total Gas Produced
25-099-21056 Gallup City Oil, LLC 08-01-2020 Christenson 2 Pondera Oil 36,682 BBLs 0 MCFs
25-099-21266 Gallup City Oil, LLC 08-01-2020 Christenson 3 Pondera Oil 33,207 BBLs 0 MCFs
25-099-21267 Gallup City Oil, LLC 06-01-2020 Christenson 4 Pondera Oil 26,066 BBLs 0 MCFs
25-099-05278 Gallup City Oil, LLC 08-01-2020 Fuller 1 Pondera Oil 15,288 BBLs 0 MCFs
25-099-05279 Gallup City Oil, LLC 11-01-2019 Fuller 3 Pondera Oil 8,262 BBLs 0 MCFs
25-073-21131 Gallup City Oil, LLC 06-01-1988 Hagen 2 Conrad, South Oil 883 BBLs 0 MCFs
25-073-05644 Gallup City Oil, LLC 08-01-2020 Lillian Hagen 1 Conrad, South Oil 7,495 BBLs 0 MCFs
25-073-05230 Gallup City Oil, LLC 05-01-2020 Thompson 1 Conrad, South Oil 603 BBLs 0 MCFs
25-073-05299 Gallup City Oil, LLC 04-01-2000 Thompson 1 Conrad, South Oil 2,185 BBLs 0 MCFs
25-073-05647 Gallup City Oil, LLC 04-01-2020 Thompson 5 Conrad, South Oil 6,522 BBLs 0 MCFs

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About Gallup City Oil, Llc

Gallup City Oil, Llc is currently ranked #104 in the state of Montana based on a total production of 137,193 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) reported during the month of 08-01-2020. The company has an estimated daily production of 5 BBLs oil and 5 MCF of gas, coming from 4 actively producing wells in the state.

There are no permits filed with the state that Gallup City Oil, Llc can drill in the future.

Gallup City Oil, Llc


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Gallup City Oil, Llc
2790 Erickson Road
Conrad, MT.


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