MineralAnswers Owner Portal. Access Your Revenue and JIB Statements On Our Secure Statement Portal.

Retrieve Statements, Tax Documents and More!
See Why More Royalty Owners Are Choosing MineralAnswers to Mange Their Asset Data.

MineralAnswers Owner Portal

MineralAnswers Owner Statement Portal is World Class.

Everything you'd expect in a statement portal for royalty owners, and a whole lot more.

  • Retrieve Revenue, JIB, Tax Documents and more!
  • PDF view and downloads no cost
  • Digital downloads of data in CDEX or XLSX formats

Easier Communication With The Operator of Your Lease.

MineralAnswers acts as a bridge between owners and operators.

  • Faster support, in many cases real-time
  • Self-service several topics without having to talk to anyone
  • Get your operator contact information if you need to speak to them directly
MineralAnswers Owner Relations