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Minerals and Royalties can be confusing, frustrating and a pain to deal with. But it doesn't have to be!

Our mission is to be your guide to relieve the stress and frustration by helping you gain access to expert level data,
resources and connections through a simple, easy to use and affordable platform.

With MineralAnswers.com, you'll be able to maximise the value of your mineral and royalty assets for yourself and your future generations.

Community Plan - Free

Our Community Plan is our base plan that's free for owners. But even though it's the base for us, it's the most advanced, yet simple software as a service (SaaS) for mineral and royalty owners on the market.

MineralAnswers.com takes the complexity and confusion out of oil and gas asset ownership. Our community plan let's you easily identify your property, automate the tracking of activity and production (if you have producing wells), find your producer contact information and so much more. Join the fastest growing community of owners today!

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Community Plus +

This plan extends the already amazing functionality and level of service you receive as a paying member and starts with a 3 day free trial.

Get access to additional content and guides, and even be able to schedule a call with us if you have questions or just need some additional help getting your questions answered.

With Community Plus, mineral and royalty owners can rest easy knowing they have access to all the information and support to help them maximize the value of their assets not only for themselves, but for generations to come.

Land Services

How can I verify if I own anything? And if I do, what exactly do I own?

MineralAnswers.com offers a quick and affordable service for owners, that allow you to get a definitive answer to these questions and more.

Once you know exactly what you own, where it is and how much you own, you can make informed decisions about your asset. Login and request this service from your dashboard, and someone will be in touch shortly to get you started.