Pampell Unit

Pampell Unit estimated lease property, in the most recent month of production (07-01-2021), produced 0 bbls of oil and 0 mcf of natural gas. It has 1 well on the property starting in 02-01-1993.

Pampell Unit in Washington County, TX
Total Value: $2,241
Number of Wells: 1

Pampell Unit Map of Current Permits and Wells

Approved Permit
Oil Well
Gas Well

Tier 1 Acreage
Tier 2 Acreage
Tier 3 Acreage
Fringe Acreage

Estimated Lease Property

Pampell Unit Oil & Gas Production by Year

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Pampell Unit Monthly Oil & Gas Production

Property Name Production Date Producing Wells Oil Produced Monthly Gas Produced Monthly BOE Produced Daily
Pampell Unit 06-01-1994 1 0 BBL 230 MCF 1 BOE
Pampell Unit 05-01-1994 1 0 BBL 510 MCF 3 BOE
Pampell Unit 07-01-1993 1 0 BBL 3 MCF 0 BOE
Pampell Unit 04-01-1993 1 0 BBL 2 MCF 0 BOE
Pampell Unit 02-01-1993 1 0 BBL 2 MCF 0 BOE

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Pampell Unit Oil & Gas Wells

API # Well Name Operator Name Well Type Hole Direction Well Status Drill (Spud) Date First Completed Producing Formation
42-477-30451 Pampell Unit 1 PHARAOH & ASSOCIATES, INC. Gas Vertical Shut-in N/A N/A Giddings

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Pampell Unit Oil Wellhead Sales

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Pampell Unit Gas Wellhead Sales

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