Washburn Lee

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Business Address: Washburn Lee   P O Box 111   STEPHENS , AR . 71764

Washburn Lee Activity Summary

Production Status Actively Producing
Producer National Rank by BOE #259
Total Producing Wells 2
Most Recent Production Month 01-01-2024
Total Oil Production 283,534 BBls
Total Gas Production 129,319 MCFs
Total BOE Production 305,084 BBls
Producing Counties Weston County

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Wells in Wyoming operated by Washburn Lee

API Number Operator Name Recent Production Well Name Field Name Well Type Total Oil Produced Total Gas Produced
49-045-06809 Washburn Lee 01-01-2024 13W(7-D) BOCK UNIT 136 Skull Creek Oil 20,345 BBLs 7,689 MCFs
49-045-06830 Washburn Lee 10-01-2010 BOCK UNIT A-0200717 11 Skull Creek Oil 20,043 BBLs 9,425 MCFs
49-045-06821 Washburn Lee 02-01-2009 BOCK UNIT A-0200717 3 Skull Creek Oil 4,941 BBLs 882 MCFs
49-045-06767 Washburn Lee 03-01-2001 BOCK UNIT B-042902 8 Skull Creek Oil 12,267 BBLs 1,290 MCFs
49-045-06720 Washburn Lee 09-01-1997 BOCK UNIT B-044429 14 Skull Creek Oil 623 BBLs 19 MCFs
49-045-07009 Washburn Lee 09-01-2020 DELTA MARTIN B-43175 1 Skull Creek North Oil 26,738 BBLs 9,235 MCFs
49-045-06863 Washburn Lee 01-01-2024 OTIS GOVT 1 Skull Creek Oil 29,805 BBLs 26,104 MCFs
49-045-06926 Washburn Lee 03-01-2006 WALKER W-014151-A 1 Skull Creek Oil 3,987 BBLs 2,939 MCFs
49-045-20096 Washburn Lee 09-01-2020 WALKER W-014151-A 2 Skull Creek Oil 67,731 BBLs 20,982 MCFs
49-045-20114 Washburn Lee 05-01-1998 WALKER W-014151-A 3 Skull Creek Oil 2,521 BBLs 1,035 MCFs

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Washburn Lee
P O Box 111
STEPHENS , AR . 71764


About Washburn Lee

Washburn Lee is currently ranked #259 in the state of Wyoming based on a total production of 305,084 barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) reported during the month of 01-01-2024. The company has an estimated daily production of 2 BBLs oil and 2 MCF of gas, coming from 2 actively producing wells in the state.

There are no permits filed with the state that Washburn Lee can drill in the future.

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