Where Smart Mineral Owners Come to Learn

How Can I Lease My Minerals?

There are several tactics you can use to get your minerals in front of E&P companies.

2 minute read

What Are Mineral Rights?

Just learning about minerals and royalties, start here to get an overview of the asset.

5 minute read

I Inherited Minerals

You have been blessed with mineral ownership, making sure you get everything transferred over to you.

5 minute read

Help Contacting My Producer

Getting ahold of your producer can be a challenge. Let us help you with your change of address, payment name and more.

5 minute read

Oil & Gas Royalty Payments

Understanding payments and deductions can be tricky. Our payments guide will help explain how this all works and what you should watch out for.

5 minute read

Managing My Minerals

Tips and tools for managing your minerals efficiently.

5 minute read